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Quantum Working Group – Speaker Series Presents:  Foundations of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA):  Key Hardening from Verifiable Quantum Physics

Every Friday Afternoon

May 11

Quantum Working Group Speaker Series: Simon Hartley 

Join ATARC as we continue our Quantum Working Group Speaker Series with Simon Hartley. Simon recently joined Cambridge Quantum in the role of US Cybersecurity Sales & Business Development. The new “Quantinuum” startup is US-owned, has $300+ million of funding, 150+ PHDs, and combines the world class Cambridge Quantum software and Honeywell Quantum hardware. During this talk we will discuss the security of today’s digital experiences that rely on layers of security infrastructure. Their foundations are key management, encryption algorithms, and key generation.  While the first two are frequently discussed, the issue of predictability in key generation itself is much less well known. This talk focuses on verifiable, tamper proof, and hardware independent key hardening from quantum physics that can easily be added to existing infrastructure, both classical and post quantum.

Simon Hartley

Simon Hartley

US Cybersecurity Sales & Business Development, Cambridge Quantum

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