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Not all AI is Created Equal – Understand the Differences of AI/ML/DL

April 13 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Machine learning is a big step forward in combatting cyberattacks, but is still no silver bullet. Many traditional cybersecurity solutions available today are causing huge operational challenges as they are not adequately fighting against today’s complex and sophisticated threats. Detection and response-based solutions are no longer sufficient as damage can already be done while waiting for the execution of an attack. Executives and security leaders need to start adopting a preventative approach to cybersecurity, which is made possible through Deep Learning.

Fortunately, AI technologies are advancing, and deep learning is proven to be the most effective cybersecurity solution, resulting in unmatched prevention rates with proven lowest false positive rates. As you evaluate new technologies for your organization, understand the differences and benefits of AI/ML/DL.


Brian Black, Distinguished Sales Engineer, Deep Instinct

Cybersecurity and Intelligence. Brian leads Deep Instinct’s security engineering team, overseeing North and South American territories. He is a thought leader and technology evangelist with a wealth of knowledge on AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. In his off time he can often be found on the lecture circuit giving talks around online security and state sponsored threat actors, when he’s not fishing or competing in online CTF hacking competitions.

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