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ATARC Zero Trust Lab Series

Every Friday 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM ET

September 23

Zero Trust Presentation

Join ATARC as we continue presentations for the ATARC Zero Trust Lab. Tune in from 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Friday, September 23, as SecureG walks through their Zero Trust scenarios. By enabling this hardware and software evaluation environment, ATARC has created a unique space for Federal agencies to better assess software products. See how the ATARC Zero Trust Lab showcases technical architectures and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware and software solutions to address the Zero Trust use cases as defined by CISA. 

Jim Payne

Jim Payne

VP, SecureG

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson

CTO, SecureG

Todd Warble

Todd Warble

Solutions Architect, SecureG


Problem Statement: Nation State attacks, supply-chain bottlenecks, and the shift from a physical to a virtual world poses an ever-expanding threat to critical US infrastructure. Presently, the technology supply chain operates on implicit (assumed) trust.  That is no longer acceptable.

Solution: Zero Trust (ZT) is the opposite of implicit trust.  ZT means trust nothing (the people, processes, and technology resources).  ZT demands continuous verifiable non-person identity management – all the way to the device level (real or virtual) – before permitting secure communications between all participants in a system.

SecureG’s demo will highlight their one-of-a-kind ZT solution, and how they use a four-pronged approach of an offline Trust Anchor, online Certification Authority, a new kind of PKI solution and patent leveraging certificates to do constant near-real-time machine identity validation to assist agencies meet OMB ZTA directives.

Be sure to attend the forum and hear Jim Payne VP, Bill Anderson CTO and Tom Warble Solutions Architect as they discuss SecureG’s solutions associated with Zero Trust.


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SecureG Intro

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