ATARC Innovation Lab

The ATARC Innovation Lab is a proof of concept evaluation environment that provides the Federal Government with a platform to test emerging technology from private industry and academic labs.
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Hosted in a secure, FedRAMP-compliant environment, the ATARC Innovation Lab allows agencies to conduct market research using quick and easy access to advanced data and analytics tools with an intuitive “Turbo Tax-like” wizard for automated end-to-end provisioning.

Please note:

  • While the Innovation Lab is hosted on a FedRAMP authorized cloud service, the acceptable use policy is limited to using public or non-sensitive and non-production data.
  • The Innovation Lab is designed to help agencies quickly evaluate and test new software capabilities and is not designed for production workloads and performance benchmarking or testing.
  • The Innovation Lab is delivered for evaluation purposes and data loads are restricted to less than 10 GB.
  • The Innovation Lab is provisioned, by default, for one week of usage. If you require extended usage, please contact us to make a request for extended usage.