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Quantum Speaker Series Presents: Discovery and Innovation with Quantum Science and Technology

March 29, 2023    |    3:30 – 4:00 PM ET

March 29

Dr. Travis S. Humble

Dr. Travis S. Humble

Quantum Science Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Quantum Science Center (QSC) is a national quantum information science research center sponsored by the Department of Energy to overcome the key challenges facing the development of scalable quantum technologies. This talk will highlight accomplishments from the QSC partnership of 16 institutions working toward three scientific goals: (1) accelerating quantum information processing through new qubit and device designs, (2) creating predictive simulation capabilities using quantum computing, and (3) enabling real-world applications of quantum sensing. Highlights will include recent results on developing topologically encoded information in quantum materials as well as new platforms for quantum simulation of materials and chemicals and new methods for quantum sensing. We will conclude by discussing opportunities for engagement with QSC as part of the broader national quantum ecosystem and provide an outlook on future innovations in quantum science and technology.

Open Q&A discussion.

Will be recorded

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