Welcome to the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), where innovation meets collaboration.

ATARC provides a collaborative forum between government, industry, and academic leaders to resolve emerging technology challenges. Alongside public forums, ATARC introduces innovative technology to the Federal government, providing agencies with crucial market research opportunities.

ATARC’s core goal is to drive technological innovation and foster a working environment where public and private sectors can come together to solve complex challenges. ATARC’s events, white papers, research initiatives, Working Groups, and more are all designed to provide valuable insights and create a platform for open dialogue. Through this, ATARC serves as a trusted Federal advisor that serves as a catalyst for change in government.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the future of technology, together.

Our Journey

Founded in September 2012 by Tom Suder, ATARC has its roots in the Advanced Mobility Academic Research Center (AMARC), which was influenced by the Digital Government Strategy. With a mission to bridge the gap between government, industry, and academia, ATARC is dedicated to fostering dialogue and collaboration to tackle the most pressing technology challenges of our time. ATARC’s story began with AMARC’s initial focus on Federal Mobile Computing Summits, and quickly expanded to include Cloud Computing and IT Networks thanks to a partnership with the General Services Administration in 2013. As the digital landscape evolved, so did we. In early 2014, AMARC transitioned into ATARC, broadening our roots to encompass a wide array of technology areas such as Cybersecurity, DevOps, Data & Analytics, and Health IT.


In 2017, ATARC made a significant impact with the publication of “Navigating the Future of Mobile Services,” a 235-page report for the American Technology Council and Federal CIO Council. This collaborative effort, involving over 160 contributors from 75 agencies, bureaus, and companies, underscored our commitment to the principles of the Digital Government Strategy.

By 2018, ATARC had published its 25th White Paper in partnership with MITRE, offering valuable insights from our Federal IT Summit Series. Our work has delved deep into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics (DA), exploring how these technologies can transform government operations by enhancing decision-making, optimizing processes, and driving efficiency.

Expanding ATARC

The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) was established in response to a June 28th, 1966, White House memorandum to provide a forum through which Senior Level Government and Industry Executives could share and collaborate on IT ideas, challenges and successes. GITEC merged with ATARC on May 31, 2018, following a decisive vote by government stakeholders. This collaborative decision united two like-minded non-profits with a shared vision. This merger has been crucial in addressing the technology challenges, as it came during a period when the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated significant shifts towards remote work and digital solutions. The integration of AI and DA has proven instrumental in supporting government agencies during this transition.

At ATARC, we proudly honor GITEC’s long legacy of innovation and leadership in federal IT. Building on decades of pioneering work, we continue to celebrate GITEC’s impact by hosting an annual conference that brings together thought leaders, innovators, and decision-makers. This event is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering collaboration and driving forward the future of government technology.

On June 1, 2023, GovExec, a leading sales and marketing intelligence company, acquired ATARC. ATARC remains an independent division, working alongside GovExec, continuing to expand its reach and deepen its connections with federal leaders. This strategic move has empowered ATARC to offer even greater insights and foster collaboration, leveraging GovExec’s extensive resources. With this partnership, ATARC remains a non-biased organization, dedicated to providing educational content for the federal government, industry, and academia, ensuring our primary goal of supporting informed decision-making remains steadfast.o offer even greater insights and foster collaboration, reinforcing GovExec’s leadership in supporting government missions.

ATARC Mission