Working Groups

ATARC Working Groups are led by IT thought leaders within government, academia and private industry, and promote collaboration and thought leadership within Federal IT community.

Each Working Group includes project teams that examine emerging technology challenges within the Federal Government, providing recommendations for agencies to become more efficient and cost effective using cutting-edge IT solutions and technologies.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
As Federal agencies develop guidance on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), lessons can be learned from other agencies who have already implemented BYOD policies and programs. This project team will examine BYOD use cases within the government, as well as the risk and cost-benefit analyses that have been developed. Managed device services and mobile workforce management will also be a focus of this group.

When: Call every other Wednesday from 9-9:30 EDT

Emerging Technology
This project team will examine the art of the possible, focusing on disruptive mobile technologies and innovation that will impact the way a government agency conducts its daily business. Among the technologies that will be examined include Virtual SIMs, Controlled Unclassified Information for Voice, and Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Wearables Virtual Reality, 5G and Drones.

When: Call third Wednesday of each month from 12-1 EDT

Identity Management
This project team will examine a crucial component of mobile, identity management. The project team will analyze various components of the trusted execution environment including Identity and Access Management (IdAM), Credentials and Access Management (ICAM), Derived Credentials, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Common Access Card (CAC).

When: Call every other Friday from 12-1 pm EDT

Mobile Security
The project team will examine all facets of mobile security, analyzing mobile security tools and recommended best practices for securing the mobile device. The team will also work on projects such as vetting of mobile applications for software vulnerabilities, and examination of FISMA metrics and other mobile security standards.

When: Call fourth Tuesday of every month from 10-12 EDT

Agency Engagement
This project team will engage with a variety of Federal agencies, listening to their mobile challenges and pain paints, and then providing potential solutions utilizing a category management approach.

When: Call every other Friday, 11:30-12 EDT

Customer Experience
This project team will examine ways that Federal agencies can better utilize customer experience technologies and techniques to improve the public-facing mobile applications that serve the citizens of the United States.

When: Call every other Tuesday from 11-12 EDT

Unified Endpoint Management
This Project Team will examine a variety of mobile management topics including: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). The group will analyze the technologies within these areas, as well their interaction and integration.

When: Call every other Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 EDT

Strategic Sourcing
This project team will examine strategic sourcing components surrounding mobile and analyze the challenges faced for agencies to successfully budget and procure mobile solutions for a government agency.

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