ATARC Zero Trust Lab

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Phase 1 has concluded. Thank you to our participants for making our lab a success. To learn more about phase 2, please review use cases below. To view the Lab Phase 1 use cases, please click HERE.

Phase 2 Highlights (underway)

  • Solution Providers / Integrators demonstrating fully integrated labs that cross all pillars showing government participants the “art of the possible” based on the government provided use cases.

Benefits to Industry Participants

  • Opportunity to present to many – large government-only audience
  • Follow on government engagement
  • Integrated labs opportunities
  • Cross discipline possibilities with other ATARC working groups

Benefits to Government Participants

  • Non-sales demonstrations across all zero trust pillars
  • Networking and collaboration with peers across government and state
  • Sharing best practices and challenges
  • After action reviews to share thoughts and ideas
  • Shared documents and work products using Huddle

ATARC Zero Trust Lab Participation Process

  1. ATARC Member involvement
  2. Participate in a follow-up call to flesh out requirements, define timelines and discuss logistics
  3. Fill out the following document linked here
  4. Become part of a team and provide use cases
  5. Demo pre-screening for approval
  6. Schedule time for demonstration
  7. Live demonstration

ATARC Zero Trust Lab Phase 2 Integrated Lab(s) Use Cases

Click for detailed Zero Trust Scenario descriptions.


ATARC is a non-profit organization that provides a collaborative forum for Federal government, academia and industry to identify, discuss, and resolve emerging technology challenges like the implementation of Zero Trust architecture.

ATARC Zero Trust Lab concept grew out of the ATARC Zero Trust Working Group, focused on novel approaches to security, risk, and governance. The Working Group Leadership Team includes:

Gerald Caron, Government Co-Chair, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce

Amy Hamilton, Government Co-Chair, Visiting Faculty Chair – Department of Energy, National Defense University (NDU)

Josh Brodbent, Industry Chair, BeyondTrust

Christine Rozzi, Industry Chair, Lumen

Anupam Shah, Industry Chair, Resiliant

iboss, Industry Vice Chair

Raj Dasgupta, Industry Vice Chair, RIVA Solutions

Michael Cardaci, Project Manager, FedHIVE

Through a unique collaboration between government and industry, the ATARC Zero Trust Lab will showcase technical architectures and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware and software solutions to address the Zero Trust use cases as defined by CISA. By enabling this hardware and software evaluation environment, ATARC aims to create a unique space for Federal agencies to better assess software products.

This automated, flexible demonstration platform will enable the concept of agile implementation and further enhance the ability to evaluate true cost of ownership by providing transparency into the products deployment process and multi-cloud capabilities.

ATARC Zero Trust Lab coverage in media: here, and here.

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ATARC Zero Trust Lab Collaborators