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Empowering The American Rescue Plan

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July 27, 2021, 1:30-2:30 PM EDT

The American Rescue Plan offers Federal, State and Local government agencies the resources they need to restore America’s communities. This bill was designed to facilitate America’s recovery from the economic and health effects of COVID-19. In order to mitigate the economic impact, organizations must be purposeful with their strategies not only for today but for tomorrow and the future onward. How can Federal agencies build and move forward? How can agencies aid in the advancement of policies on healthcare, employment and COVID response? Join this webinar to hear from thought leaders and topic experts on how to create great and sustainable citizen experiences, vaccinate Americans and enable a safe return to work.


Why Zero Trust Solutions Are Essential for Protecting Multi-Cloud Networks

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July 29, 2021, 1:30-2:30 PM EDT

Covid-19 uncovered the Government’s need for a secure cloud environment. The migration to the cloud made organizations stop and think about their security posture and their readiness for this change. As more agencies move to cloud infrastructures, challenges arise with control over individual users’ devices. Tune in as subject matter experts discuss solutions and strategies when implementing a multi-cloud security network.


Shifting Security Left with DevSecOps

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August 26, 2021, 1:30-2:30 PM EDT

Join this webinar to discuss how shifting security left with DevSecOps, allows agencies the ability to shorten the development lifecycle while avoiding harmful security incidents. Hear first-hand how leaders in Federal Agencies keep pace with the cloud-first software world and how to successfully implement DevSecOps methodology with modern solutions


Past Webinars:

Leveraging On Premise Cloud to Protect Critical Applications and Physical Security

An information-sharing event focused on leveraging intelligent infrastructure to support mission critical applications and the unique needs of physical security. With the convergence of physical and IT infrastructure, both security and IT professionals across Federal agencies can no longer rely on traditional three-tier infrastructures. To move forward, they need strategies, technologies, and flexible on-premise cloud-based infrastructure for the broad set of workloads to better anticipate, prevent, and investigate safety threats across their physical buildings and facilities.

Methodologies and Best Practices for Successful RPA Implementation

Automation has provided tremendous value to organizations and agencies of all sorts. However, if you want to see real value from automation, and in particular Robotic Process Automation (RPA), it’s important to know what these bots can and can’t do, and how AI is being applied to help handle more complex tasks. In this presentation we’ll walk through different methodologies including the Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) methodology to provide you with the foundation needed for project success, especially as you incorporate AI into your intelligent automation projects. The CPMAI methodology is the industry’s best practice for AI & ML projects.

Strategies for Leveraging Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment 

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Agencies have come to accept the cloud and migration of data to the cloud as the new normal. The adoption of a hybrid multi cloud data strategy is crucial to manage data access layers and consume cloud resources consistently across agency infrastructures. This panel aims to bring you a collaborative information discussion focused on what may be the best way for agencies to implement public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid multi cloud strategies. Join this webinar as topic experts explore and share strategies that agencies can implement to provide a better experience with the cloud and how they can achieve the full benefits with one in place.

ATARC Federal Cloud Migration Virtual Summit

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Tune into this event to hear from federal topic experts on the reason to migrate to the cloud, common migration experiences, and the benefits cloud migration can bring. What lessons have these topic experts learned while making the shift to the cloud? What challenges did they face? What best strategies did they have to put in place to overcome these challenges?

How NOT to Manage a Government Development Project

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Leading a successful project team is not always easy. One of the many challenges of project management is achieving all the project goals and objectives within the constraints of a specified time. Are development projects getting done on time? Are members of your team excited and motivated about your government project? Join this webinar to learn the tools needed to essentially build an organization from the ground up. Topic experts will cover ways to increase operational efficiencies, reduce security and compliance risks and improve enterprise operations by leveraging a single toolchain.

Cloud and Coffee with Robyn Rees, DOI

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest Robyn Rees! Robyn is the Senior Advisor for Human Capital Transformation at the Department of the Interior, within the Office of Human Capital. She leverages her experience with Information Technology management, governance, budget, and project execution, to unlock human capital data leveraging advanced technologies. Robyn is a passionate advocate for enabling an “ever-ready” workforce that is highly resilient, adaptable to the changing world of work, and who will continue to be highly contributing members of diverse teams. Through the DOI Office of Human Capital efforts to enable an ecosystem of continuous reskilling and redeploying, Robyn is an advocate for prioritizing human capital, workforce, and work data, in order to provide equitable access to employment and advancement information over a long, varied, and diverse career.

The Journey to Zero Trust: Start with Privilege Protection & Identity Security

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A successful Zero Trust model enforces continuous authorization by verifying anyone and everything connected to an enterprise system. We’ve seen in recent headline news that little to no control on identity management can be detrimental if attackers gain access to accounts with elevated privileges. How can government agencies implement an effective Identity Security model to minimize risk and keep pace with adversaries? What are best practices for Privileged Access Management controls? During this webinar, topic experts and thought leaders will discuss how to manage identity to ensure agencies are aligned with recent policies such as Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity and the NIST 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture.

The Culture of Government IT Modernization

We often start IT Modernization projects focused on technology; however, people and processes are the most critical elements to successful transformation. Technology in the hands of team members who’ve not been trained appropriately to operate it, or consumers not trained to utilize it effectively guarantee failure. This series will explore evolving the culture of our people and teams. Our experts will discuss leadership imperatives as well as individual and team behavior and skills required to cross the divide to successful IT Modernization and in turn digital transformation.

Intelligent Data Management: Next Step in Digital Transformation Journey

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Like most businesses and other organizations around the world today, Government agencies are seeking to reduce costs, realize operational efficiencies and deliver better services by using software as a service (SaaS) applications and other cloud solutions to digitally transform the way they operate. Effective data management and governance require leadership support, and being able to augment the right data at the right time requires not only data management but intelligent data management. Do you have a strategy in place to access and get value from your most important data — to protect the data? Tune in to learn how digitally mature your organization is and what your next move should be. 

ATARC 2021 Multi-Cloud Modernization Virtual Summit

Adopting a multicloud strategy means leveraging the strengths of multiple cloud providers – including on-prem and edge cloud technologies – to acquire capabilities that best meet your business and mission requirements. For Federal agencies the rewards can be huge – including more secure, cost-effective and agile IT environments and an optimized workforce. But managing multiple clouds comes with challenges and complexities and the path to multicloud optimization requires a strong strategy, the right investments and patience. With this in mind, many are left wondering is the goal is attainable? And is there really a path to get there?” Tune into this panel, to hear from topic experts on the challenges and complexities they are facing with multicloud, as well as the solutions they have found to overcome them. What strategies would these topic experts recommend to best optimize your multi-cloud environment? How does the multi-cloud affect workforce optimization?


ATARC Advancing DevOps Throughout the Federal Government Virtual Summit

Collaboration is important in many aspects of the federal government. When collaboration from different agencies and organizations begin to happen, agencies must take a step back and see the best practices for this to take place. How do we harmonize our DevOps/DevSecOps tools/processes/policies across agencies so integration of the end product is seamless? Listen as topic experts dive into the best strategies for harmonizing DevOps and DevSecOps tools, processes, and policies throughout the Federal Government. What lessons have these topic experts learned while harmonizing these tools, processes and policies?

Cloud and Coffee with Brian Whittaker, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest, Brian Whittaker! Brian is the Director of Design and Development at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Prior to this role at CFPB, Brian was the Executive Director of 18F, an organization in the General Services Administration that collaborates with other agencies to fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology. He is currently the Government Chair of ACT-IAC’s Customer Experience Community of Interest.

Protecting Bring Your Own (BYO) Mobile Devices within Zero Trust Frameworks

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If you are responsible for protecting BYO initiatives within Zero Trust frameworks, please join our webinar to hear:

  • Authors of the NIST practice guide discuss best practices for securing BYO mobile devices
  • Architects at MITRE on how to enhance protection using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Mobile
  • Government and industry experts on real-world use cases like the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) protecting unclassified mobile devices

2021 Cybersecurity Innovations Summit

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As Federal agencies moved quickly in this past year to put innovative technology solutions into place, the need to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities and solve increasing cybersecurity challenges have grown even more important. Aligning agency cyber strategies and securely enabling technology infrastructure are even more crucial when coupled with the accelerated transition to remote and hybrid work environments. Agencies have been forced to reevaluate their technology needs and how they can best achieve IT modernization while managing cyber risk in this evolving space. Agency IT boundaries today are blurring with competing demands, from cloud adoption to the expansion of requirements at the edge of the network, and there is an ever-increasing need for the broadest set of visibility, control, and security orchestration tools. Join this panel discussion as leading executives explore securing Federal networks today and in the future, planning for the evolving cyber threat landscape and building a strategy to implement best practices when securing a proliferation of devices and data across networks and in remote locations.

ATARC 2021 Hyperautomation Virtual Summit

New ways of working and sharing information have emerged within the Federal Government. This has pushed agencies to reevaluate their technology needs and develop plans to further their IT modernization strategy. One way in which the Federal Government has gone about furthering their IT Modernization, would be trusting automation. RPA has become an integral part in changing how the Federal Government works, and has started to show the great value it brings to the Federal space.

Edge Computing – A Must for 5G and IOT Success

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With the rise of remote work it is of the most importance to secure data where it is stored and while it is in flight. Agencies need secure technology infrastructure that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. New data architectures are allowing government employees to securely access data wherever they may be. This past year has shown the need for zero trust data access that enables users to access the data they need to get their jobs done no matter where they are working.

ATARC Emerging Technologies Virtual Summit

Emerging Technologies are evolving at a faster pace than ever before, especially as the workforce pivots to a telework environment. Throughout this panel we will discuss the new and evolving technologies that are driving real change and innovation in the public sector. Topic experts will discuss the future of the Federal workforce, and the emerging technology that will help it get there. How has the shift to telework given the opportunity to reskill the Federal workforce? What emerging technologies have helped with this reskilling process?

ATARC Advancing AI in Federal IT Virtual Summit

This event will explore the current state of technology, use cases, and limitations of Artificial Intelligence, in the Federal Government space. Listen in as Federal Chief Data Officers explain how in this period of time of building the “new normal”, you establish a more consistent and integrated data infrastructure and data practices throughout your agency. What does it mean to strengthen your agency’s data intelligence? Tune in to hear from these CDO’s the challenges, as well as the lessons they have learned while implementing artificial intelligence in their Federal Agency.

Cloud and Coffee with Teri-Lee Holland, NIWC LANT Division Head for Data Center and Cloud Hosting Services

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest Teri-Lee Holland! She is the NIWC LANT Division Head for Data Center and Cloud Hosting Services and provides secure Managed Services across multiple on-premise and commercial cloud environments for DON and DOD. She performs engineering work for sailors, including cloud hosting services for payroll and HR systems. Her office provides managed services — through industry partners — that mission owners or application owners use, rather than each of our individual application owners providing those services to themselves.

SMAC Spotlight: Small Agencies – BIG Ideas

A year into the pandemic-induced remote work era, agencies have and continue to improve on ways to implement and utilize collaboration tools to communicate, manage workflows, and organize and distribute information. However, this has not been a “one tool fits all agencies” situation, and collaboration platforms vary not only between agencies but also among their sub-organizations and offices. This lack of interoperable collaboration infrastructure hinders productivity, causes effort duplication, increases cost and reduces creativity. Furthermore, the lack of commonality can lead to inconsistent security levels. The GSA has been at the forefront of driving towards a sustainable, secure, standardized collaboration system. In this panel, we hear from small agency leaders on their thoughts and feedback on this goal, its benefits, potential challenges, and preferred approaches

Why Agency IT Modernization is Essential for Dynamic Cybersecurity

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Join this webinar to hear from topic experts and learn how agencies are taking new approaches, changing organizational cultures, and building confidence in modernized and secure IT architectures. Take away practical information to leverage the latest technologies for automating processes, improving enterprise security, and satisfying the mobile Federal workforce.

RPA in State and Local Government 

During this one-hour session we deep dive into the RPA program at three of the largest counties in the United States.  Hear how, why, and when they each decided RPA was the right solution for its internal challenges, how it retrained and reskilled existing employees, and established their initial governance model. Learn about their proof of concept experience, the acceptance of automations by their workforce and how RPA fits into their fully automated enterprise plans.

Cyberattacks the Path Forward

 Presented by   

Join this webinar to hear from government and industry thought leaders about the recent cyberattacks, the lessons that were learned, and the path moving forward. The cyber threats faced by the private and public sector call for increased collaboration and cooperation across the IT industry, and with those responsible for defending countries from cyberattacks. Recent cyberattacks highlight the need for enhanced collaboration within the industry to collectively improve how we prevent, manage, and remediate these kinds of threats and operations in the future, and underscores the need for deeper public and private partnerships to create a more secure environment for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence Operations-Enabling Government Agencies To Do More With Less

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Government agencies are always being asked to do more, with less budget and resources. By embracing Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps), agencies can get a holistic view of their enterprise and identify tactics to advance their mission. They can reduce costs, increase output, replace manual tasks with automation, and optimize the capacity of their workforce. When agencies deploy AIOps, what are the challenges that they face? What are the potential benefits? Join this panel of government leaders and topic experts to learn more about the importance of AIOps and how it is changing the way agencies operate.

Applied Quantum Computing for Today’s Military


During this one-hour webinar presentation we will be hearing a Keynote from Congressman Jim Langevin, Chair of the Subcommittee on Cyber, Innovative Technologies & Information Systems for the House Armed Services Committee, who will discuss Congressional intent of quantum computing for the military.  There will also be a Military Logistics Demo from our partner’s at D-Wave.  A panel discussion on Applied Quantum Computing for Today’s Military based on the White Paper produced by ATARC’s Global Quantum Project Team, and leaders from the quantum industry in the United States including the QED-C and the Quantum Industry Coalition. 

Cloud and Coffee with Marianne Bellotti, Rebellion Defense


Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest Marianne Bellotti, an Engineering Leader for Rebellion Defense and the author of “Kill It With Fire”! Marianne Bellotti has worked as a software engineer for over 15 years. She built data infrastructure for the United Nations to help humanitarian organizations share crisis data worldwide and tackled some of the oldest and most complicated computer systems in the world as part of United States Digital Service. At Auth0 she ran Platform Services, a portfolio that included shared services, untrusted code execution, and developer tools. Currently, she runs engineering teams at Rebellion Defense.

ATARC 2021 TIC 3.0 Virtual Summit

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A collaborative discussion around the already evidenced and future evolution of TIC 3.0 – and where agencies stand in their confidence to take steps towards its implementation. Listen as TIC 3.0 experts explain the importance behind it, as well as the solutions it is enabling. Hear from Federal cloud adoption leaders about their distinct use cases, including remote user access, modernization of branch offices, and network modernization. Join the experts in their discussion of navigating the various cloud strategies and best path forward.

Federal Mobility Group and ATARC 5G Government Symposium

To lead the world in 5G, Federal, State, and Local Governments will need to navigate a variety of challenges to better serve their citizens with next-generation technologies. On April 20th, the FMG along with ATARC is bringing together industry and government experts for a series of panels, presentations, and break-out sessions focused on 5G Technology, Mission Enablement, Mobile Security, and other adjacent technologies.

Returning to the Workplace: Using IT for Modern Hybrid Work Environments

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The workplace of April 2021 looks dramatically different than the workplace of March 2020. While employees have adjusted to the changes in policies, procedures, and even work location, are they as engaged and fulfilled as they were one year ago? Now more than ever, it is critical to provide self-service access to workplace information that helps people do their jobs and feel secure that management understands and is addressing their concerns as they pertain to safety, access to technology, and interaction with colleagues. Learn how a human-centric approach to managing employee services can inform and shape the rollout of new systems and processes to support today’s workforce.

Cloud and Coffee with Monique Bourque and Peter Le, DOJ

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guests Monique Borque and Peter Le! Monique Bourque is the Assistant Director for Innovation Engineering at the US Department of Justice, Justice Management Division.  Her Innovation Engineering Team under the DOJ CTO leads the ideation, design, planning, sourcing, and integration of technology approaches by engaging with DOJ components to understand their business needs and identify opportunities for sharable solutions. Peter Le is the Government Task Manager for the Cloud Management Team at the US Department of Justice, Justice Management Division. He oversees the Department’s enterprise task order for infrastructure procurement of AWS, Azure, and cloud migration professional services. 

RPA – How to Buy It: GSA TTS and DOL Use Case

This is a one-hour webinar session on the RPA capabilities at DOL and GSA TTS, hosted by the AI and Data Analytics Working Group – RPA Project Team at ATARC. Our panelists will be sharing there presentations on the topic and will be taking live audience questions throughout. Technology Transformation Services (TTS) applies modern methodologies and technologies to improve the lives of the public and public servants in order to help agencies make their services more accessible, efficient, and effective with modern applications, platforms, processes, personnel, and software solutions. Register below to learn more. 

IoT Security: Are We Keeping Pace with the Threats?

Presented by

Join us for this thought leader discussion as topic experts explore the ‘art of the possible’ in IoT use cases in Federal space, but also what can and needs to be done to prevent IoT cyber-attacks like phishing, ransomware, and crypto mining. Where do we stand with creating and complying with IoT security regulations and standardization? What are some lessons learned and success stories to be shared from successful IoT security strategies?

Cloud and Coffee with Rona Bunn, CIO, ITA Department of Commerce


Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest Rona Bunn! She serves as the Chief Information Officer at the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA). She is leading the Technology, Services and Innovation (TSI) organization, driving the ITA’s digital transformation; shifting business focus to realization of IT value, while improving the organization’s ability to execute, increase efficiency and achieve ITA’s goals.

Identity-Centric Security: The New Agency Perimeter

Presented by  and
COVID-19 has accelerated the need for Privileged Identity Management (PIM). As remote agency workforces expand, there is little question that Privileged Identity Management will play an increasingly crucial role in mitigating cyber-attacks. Recent cyber breach news is a reminder that privileged credentials are highly targeted by threat actors.

Defending Againt Supply Chain Attacks

Presented by

Join the webinar to learn more about how micro-segmentation can reduce the network attack surface, improve breach containment and strengthen regulatory compliance. How can and why should Federal agencies shift to a Zero Trust security strategy? How can micro-segmentation help defend against advanced cyberthreats at a granular level? Hear about ways to overcome challenges in implementing better security strategies.

The Impending Cybersecurity Pandemic – Is Your Agency Prepared?

Presented by and

Organizational operations are more connected than ever with telework, cloud, IoT devices, industrial Control Systems (ICS), smart vehicles, medical devices, C2 systems, and more. All of this has fueled the fire for nation-state espionage and cybercrime which are at an all-time high. Recent events clearly demonstrate the complexity of attacks has increased. Government agencies don’t have to be caught off-guard – it’s survival of the fittest.

ATARC Integrated Cyber Strategies Virtual Summit

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In this session, learn more about Zero Trust Architecture (NIST Special Publication 800-207) and how to leverage ZT strategies to see and control all devices and users across enterprise networks with proactive protection from evolving threats.

Federal DevSecOps: Pushing Forward

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DevSecOps within the Federal landscape has been a topic of growing priority, implementation, and necessity over the past several years. Join this webinar to hear from leaders in DevSecOps practices as they discuss the current status, modern projects, and drive forward of Federal DevSecOps platforms used to push IT modernization, operational efficiency, and cybersecurity. Listen as topic experts discuss the middle point of where DevSecOps, Zero Trust, and enterprise IT as a service (ITaaS) meet, and create effective, secure, modern, operational systems within the Federal IT ecosystem. Hear first-hand the current status, challenges, successes, and vision for the future, as viewed by DevSecOps leaders and practitioners in Federal Agencies. What do Government decision-makers see as the future of DevSecOps? Where within the government are best practices in place? Where is there still the most room for growth?

Cloud and Coffee with Thomas Santucci, Director, GSA

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest Thomas Santucci! He is the Director of the Data Center & Cloud Optimization Initiative PMO at the General Services Administration (GSA). He oversees the PMO’s managing partner responsibilities for the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), helps implement the federal Cloud Smart strategy, and serves as Co-Chair of the Federal CIO Cloud & Infrastructure Community of Practice, which has over 1,600 members from across the federal IT workforce.

Breach Detection: Becoming as Agile as The Attackers

Presented by: 

Join ATARC for a robust discussion on how agencies are innovating to stay ahead of advisories.  Hear from Dr Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon institute as he shares the latest results of a 2021 Government Breach Trends Study that examines the problems and what innovation is happening across government to move to a more proactive security posture. Then learn what our panel of experts are doing to improve breach detection and response in a landscape where they are inundated by new, rapidly-evolving challenges as well as lessons learned.

ATARC 2021 Zero Trust Virtual Summit

Presented by: 

New ways of working and sharing information have emerged within the Federal Government. This has pushed agencies to reevaluate their technology needs and develop plans to further their IT modernization strategy. Zero Trust has come to the forefront of enabling this shift to a teleworking work force. Listen as topic experts dive into the importance of Zero Trust and how it is evolving the Federal Government’s view of security. What does Zero Trust Security mean to Federal requirements? What are some best practices Federal Agencies are using to enforce Zero Trust?

Cyber Compliance Boosted by Automation

Presented by: 

In this panel discussion, Federal IT executives address how to better manage the risk of sensitive data exposure through improved cyber compliance. What steps can be taken to verify trust in the Federal Government supply chain? How to source reliably secure solutions? Where and when to use automation as a compliance, monitoring, and remediation mechanism? Listen to our panelists explore the “art of the possible” as well as share lessons learned and best practices.

Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Presented by:   Cohesity unites with Pure Storage for High End Data Protection and Recovery

New ways of working and sharing information have emerged within the Federal Government. This has pushed agencies to reevaluate their technology needs and develop plans to further their IT modernization strategy. This panel will examine the current challenges, recent successes and lessons learned by Federal IT Government Leaders within the Federal Cloud space. Hear as topic experts dive into how they reevaluated their agencies’ technology needs during this pandemic, and further strengthened their agencies’ data capabilities. What strategies have been put in place in order to strengthen Cloud as the Federal Government is starting to embrace a “new normal”? What type of solutions have been made available to help strengthen Federal Data Management within a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud?

Cloud and Coffee with Nagesh Rao, CIO, Bureau of Industry and Security

Join us for a Cloud and Coffee event with special guest, Nagesh Rao, acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Bureau of Industry and Security within the US Department of Commerce. Most recently, he was Director of Business Technology Solutions (BiTS) at the US Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of the Chief Information Officer, and prior to Chief Technologist & Entrepreneur in Residence within SBA’s Office of Investment & Innovation.

ATARC 2021 Low Code Virtual Summit

Join the ATARC 2021 Low Code Virtual Summit on March 2, 2021, from 1:30-4 PM EST to hear Federal IT topic experts discuss how an agile approach such as low code allows teams to effectively meet their agencies mission requirements, even with the constant changes we have seen over the past year. Hear thought leaders share how they are using lowcode technologies to not increase their mission delivery and remain adaptable to changing climates. 

Managing Millions of Machine Identities Across Hybrid Cloud Environments

Presented by 

Tune into this session to hear from Federal Leaders on the unique challenges of managing these identities across hybrid cloud environments. What are the fundamental capabilities needed for enterprise-wide management of machine identities? Listen as subject matter experts address different Federal cloud use cases, as well as lessons learned throughout this process.

ATARC 2021 DevOps Virtual Summit

This year has proven the need to strengthen DevOps capabilities, and a need to solve the DevOps challenges brought forth due to the pandemic. This event will explore the current state of technology, use cases, and limitations of DevOps, in the Federal Government space. Listen in as subject matter experts share lessons learned and solutions to the challenges brought on to their agency’s as a result of COVID-19. What strategies have been put in place in order to strengthen DevOps as the Federal Government is starting to embrace a “new normal”? Find out how these topic experts have pushed through the challenges brought forth through COVID-19.

Cloud and Coffee with Nancy Gillis, CEO, Global Electronics Council

Join us for this week’s Cloud and Coffee event with Ms. Nancy Gillis, CEO of Global Electronics Council! Gillis has more than 20 years’ experience leveraging sustainability to increase competitiveness, reduce risk and foster innovation in both public and private sector organizations. Prior to joining the Green Electronics Council, Nancy was the Global Lead for Resilient and Responsible Supply Chains with Ernst & Young (EY) and managed sustainable procurement engagements for Fortune 100 companies. She joined EY from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the U.S. Federal Government’s procurement agency that oversees approximately $45 billion of annual spend. At GSA, she served as the Director of the Federal Supply Chain office, responsible for expanding the use of sustainability criteria and ecolabels in federal procurements. Nancy has a graduate degree in Communications Technology from Georgetown University.

The Impact of Telework on Cybersecurity across the Federal Government 

Presented by 

An information-sharing event that is focused on the impact that telework—accelerated by COVID-19, is having on cybersecurity across the Federal Government. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued several memorandums such as M-19-17 and M-20-19 to encourage and maximize telework flexibilities for the Federal workforce. Topic Leaders will go in-depth about the cybersecurity authentication changes and innovations that have been incorporated into their agency and how they plan to make it a part of the “New Normal”. What authentication tools helped the Federal Government make the switch to teleworking? Where do these Federal Leaders see the future of teleworking taking the Federal Government?

Federal Agencies and Attack Surface Management

Presented by 

2020 became the year of haste. Workforces and workloads went remote. In fact, the word “remote” is attached to everything, from jobs to meetings to schools to family gatherings. One of the single most significant changes that have occurred in 2020 for organizations is their digital attack surface. In many cases, the internet is now an organization’s network and houses everything from their users to their corporate resources and supply chains. The decisions of 2020 will indeed ‘determine the course of eternity’—at least the new normal for security teams. Hear as panelists talk about the shift to remote working, the challenges it brought, strategies to make the most of it, and overall preparedness for their agencies to go remote. What were some lessons learned? What would these federal leaders have done differently?  Tune into this panel to hear these federal leaders discuss the future of the workforce, and where they see it going in 2021 as we continue to adjust to the “new normal”.

NRC Digital Transformation Virtual Summit

This unique event brings together members from across the NRC IT space to discuss the agency’s digital transformation initiatives. Here topic experts and decision-makers will discuss success stories and plans for process transformation as it pertains to people, technology, infrastructure, contracts, and partnerships. Listen as the NRC explains how they solved problems such as remote work, inaccessible data, agency workflow application, finding and integrating disparate agency data for decision making, and more. Hear what is in store for the NRC for the future, and where they will go from here. 

Cloud and Coffee with John Ramsey

Join us for this Cloud and Coffee session with special guest, Chief Information Security Officer, John Ramsey!  John was formerly the CISO for the U.S. House of Representatives and members of Congress, which has 950 sites across the entire United States and associated territories. In 2017, he was selected as one of the top 100 CISOs globally, only one of two government CISOs selected.

The Need for Government to Manage Cryptographic and Quantum Risk

Mr. Brown is focused on the technical vision and direction for ISARA Corporation, a security solutions company specializing in creating crypto-agile and quantum-safe security solutions for today’s information technology ecosystems. ISARA is clearing the path to quantum-safe security for enterprises and governments by delivering practical, standardized solutions for a seamless migration. Prior to ISARA, Mike was Vice President of Security Product Management and Research at BlackBerry, where he co-founded the product security practice and was responsible for the vision and execution and has spoken at global security events including RSA, CTIA, GTEC, Bloomberg, APECTEL and InfoSec Europe. He holds a Master of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, focusing on cryptography.

Intelligent Automation for the Federal Government

Join us for an introduction to Intelligent Automation (IA) for the Federal Government. Hear from Government and Industry representatives about this powerful combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence), its applications and challenges in the federal government market.

ATARC 2021 Cloud Virtual Summit

Listen as Cloud Experts explain the importance of Cloud across the Federal Government. In this period of time of building the “new normal”, What emerging technology has led to strengthening Cloud? This event will set out to explain the emerging technology that has been used to help strengthen Federal Cloud, along with the future of Cloud in the Federal Government. What does it mean to strengthen your agency’s Cloud? Where do these Federal Leaders see the future of Cloud going, and what emerging technology will help it get there? Here topic experts will discuss the best practices to implement to strengthen Federal Cloud, some lessons learned, as well as some challenges from along the way.

The Future of Data Sharing within the Department of Defense

Presented by 

New ways of working and sharing information have emerged within the Federal Government. This has pushed agencies to reevaluate their technology needs and develop plans to further their IT modernization strategy. For the DOD, specifically, the Joint All-Domain Command and Control  (JADC2) is an initiative to revitalize the military’s current command and control (C2) infrastructure by establishing a combined, synergistic network of sensors and warfighters that enables collective, real-time decision-making across the DOD.

Embracing a Data Driven Future

Presented by 

New ways of working have emerged, both for Federal Government agencies and the citizens they serve.  This panel will examine the current challenges, recent successes and lessons learned by Federal IT Government Leaders within the Federal Cloud space. Hear as topic experts dive into how they reevaluated their agencies’ technology needs during this pandemic, and further strengthened their agencies’ data capabilities.

Cloud and Coffee with Mike Cassidy

On our latest Cloud and Coffee episode, we got to speak with Michael Cassidy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the United States Trustee Program! He was able to share his accomplishments throughout his 26 years of experience as a technology leader where he developed, designed, tested, secured and implemented enterprise solutions for large organizations. 

ATARC 2021 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

This year has proven the need to strengthen AI and Data Analytics capabilities, and a need to solve the AI and Data Analytics challenges brought forth due to the pandemic. This event will explore the current state of technology, use cases, and limitations of AI and Data Analytics, in the Federal Government space. Listen in as subject matter experts share lessons learned and solutions to the challenges brought on to their agency’s as a result of COVID-19. What strategies have been put in place in order to strengthen AI and Data Analytics as the Federal Government is starting to embrace a “new normal”? Find out how these topic experts have pushed through the challenges brought forth through COVID-19.

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