Growing Good in Government Working Group


The government’s ability to deliver value to its citizens and mission partners is dependent on its ability to deliver programs and projects. Delivering value requires integration and alignment of a complex array of policies, objectives and key results. This working group will discuss and ultimately deliver solutions to break down silos and explore the intersection of competing domains, to build the data and analytics infrastructure that provides answers to critical portfolio, program, and project-level business questions.


To that end, it will be imperative to leverage new information technology and skill sets to evolve data management towards knowledge management, supporting organizational decisions and capabilities.

The Growing Good In Government Working Group encompasses a broad and ambitious scope, reflecting its transformative nature and includes the following four priorities:

  1. Integrated Value Network (IVN)
  2. Program/Project Management (P/PM) Data & Analytics Architecture
  3. P/PM Knowledge Networks, and
  4. Benefits Realization Management (BRM)
Jason Traquair

Jason Traquair

Government Chair

Department of Agriculture

Beth Martin

Beth Martin

Government Vice Chair

Office of Personnel Management

Bill Bunce

Bill Bunce

Industry Chair


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