ATARC Zero Trust Lab

ATARC Zero Trust Lab Phase I Use Cases

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ATARC Zero Trust Lab Environment Sponsor

Amazon Web Services is ATARC’s strategic partner, enabling a secure virtual technology demonstration and testing environment to help accelerate the delivery of cloud solutions. US GovCloud gives government customers and their partners the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with the FedRAMP High baseline and other compliance regimes.

ATARC Zero Trust Lab Environment

ATARC Zero Trust Lab Participation Process

*Note Phase 1 has concluded.

    • Initiate intake process by contacting
    • Choose path – physical environment or virtual environment
    • Review of the relevant documentation uploaded into Huddle
    • Participate in a follow-up call to flesh out requirements, define timelines and discuss logistics
    • Submit a written Technical Execution Plan to address, at a minimum:
        • Each Use Case to be evaluated
        • Logical Network Topology Drawing of each solution/approach
        • Narrative summary of how each approach will address challenges outlined in each Use Case
        • Identify any potential OEM collaboration intended
        • Detailed Vendor presentation outline provided here
    • Review and accept current COVID protocols       *physical environment only
    • Schedule logistics for OEM delivery of equipment       *physical environment only
    • Schedule OEM presentation period:
        • Week 1 – setup
        • Week 2 – test
        • Week 3 – 75-minute presentation
        • Week 4 – decommission
    • Creation of the deliverables (Network Design and Testing Agreement) to ensure a technical consensus exist as well as the appropriate guardrails around the engagement have been set

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ATARC Zero Trust Lab Collaborators