The Growing Risks of Spyware and Unvetted Applications

Highlights from a Government Webinar, hosted by ATARC, in partnership with Zimperium, June 2023

As technology continues to accelerate, securing government-issued mobile devices against malicious apps, spyware, and the latest zero-days is critical to national security. When organizations lean on the security of others, sensitive information can quickly be compromised and undermine national security, as evidenced in a recent cyberattack that exploited a vulnerability in the widely used government app, MOVEit.

While agencies are working diligently to understand the impacts of this recent attack, they are continuing to take proactive measures to mitigate risk within a growing attack surface. In a recent webinar discussion hosted by the Advanced Technology Research Center (ATARC) in partnership with Zimperium, cybersecurity experts discussed the evolution and advancement of spyware technology, the challenges agencies face when safeguarding devices, and strategies to address unvetted, unwanted or compromised mobile apps.