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Monthly Security Pillar Presentation

February 22

4:00-5:00 PM ET

The Case for a Data Stewardship-First

Approach to Zero Trust

The first tenet of Zero Trust is to “assume breach”; but why are the first seventeen actions required by OMB driving Federal agencies to spend additional money and staff time in the never ending battle to stop these breaches? It is time to turn security thinking on its head. Start the Zero Trust journey by focusing on the enterprise mission and its mission critical data!

Mr. Emery and Brig. General Connor will explain how a data first-data centric strategy can be implemented with quick wins and stronger partnerships with mission owners.

Brig. Gen. Gary Connor (USAF retired)

Brig. Gen. Gary Connor (USAF retired)

The Emery Group

Mark Emery

Mark Emery

Managing Partner at The Emery Group

This meeting is open to our ATARC Working Group members and anyone in Government with a .gov or .mil email address. Contact Working Group Program Manager, Kiersten Patton at to be added to this presentation.

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