DevOps White Paper Released by MITRE-ATARC

Jul 22, 2018 | DevOps

A White Paper summarizing the MITRE-ATARC DevOps Collaboration Symposium on March 1, 2018 has been released. The White Paper provides the government with a variety of recommendations from the five collaboration sessions that were held during the most recent ATARC Federal DevOps Summit. This is the third DevOps White Paper published by MITRE and ATARC, who have now released a total of 27 White Papers on a variety of Federal IT topics.

DevOps topic areas:

  • DevOps Implementation with Cloud
  • Integration of Security into the DevOps Culture
  • DevOps in Health IT
  • DevOps and Test
  • DevOps Culture

Key recommendations to Government:

  • Start small – move one application into a DevOps environment to learn and demonstrate success and build on these early successes to build confidence and gain upper management support;
  • Embrace risk – learn from mistakes and make incremental improvements;
  • Break down silos among traditionally stove-piped organizations – pull individuals from different organizations to build cross-functional teams;
  • Provide training on Agile and DevOps philosophies and methodologies to all practitioners, not just to those in specific roles; and
  • Encourage cultural change with active leadership engagement, communities of practice, and continuing to make changes to grow and sustain the DevOps culture.