Anil Karmel

Co-founder and CEO, C2 Labs, Inc.

Anil Karmel is the Co-Founder and CEO of C2 Labs, which delivers freedom from paper via its Atlasity continuous compliance software and DevSecOps services. Formerly, Anil served as the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Deputy Chief Technology Officer.

Karmel has been in the IT Industry for over twenty years, working with Fortune 500 companies and governments in the areas of cloud, cyber security and data-driven IT Strategic Planning. He and his team garnered industry and government accolades, including the SANS National Cyber Security Innovators Award for Cloud Security, InformationWeek 500 Top Government IT Innovators, ACT/IAC Award and the DOE Secretary’s Achievement Award.

Anil currently serves as the President of the Cloud Security Alliance’s Washington DC Metro Area Chapter (CSA-DC) and co-chair of the CSA’s Application Container and Microservices Working Group. Karmel is a nationally recognized speaker and has been featured at numerous IT conferences and webinars.