Craig Chapman, CEO

Gap Strategies Group LLC

Entrepreneurial executive technology strategist with a nearly 30-year career of working with leadership at innovative and disruptive technology companies to successfully unlock the potential of their go-to-market strategies. The purpose of founding of Gap Strategies Group (GSG) LLC is to provide an inclusive industry environment for select senior federal executives and officers to offer their high-value expertise to other executives faced with people and technology challenges. Prior to founding GSG, Mr. Chapman championed awareness of the cyber risk to IoT connected systems used in the Nation’s critical infrastructure sectors; a relatively new concept to the world of IT cybersecurity.
Whether creating narratives to address the needs of CIOs and CISOs, or defining win strategies that incorporate the portfolio of tech and service from industry leaders like ServiceNow to industry veterans like SysNet and Lifecycle Sherlock, Mr. Chapman has been consistent in focusing on the customer, the objectives, and in the success of the mission.
Patriotic and community-oriented, veterans’ groups and the councils and working groups of ACT-IAC, AFFIRM, and the FBI’s InfraGard have been important to affiliations to Mr. Chapman . Craig also participates in the All Hazards Consortium (, whose mission is focused on supporting the work of First Responders through secure information sharing before and after homeland security events. In addition to his own company, Craig is promoting a focus on Loudoun County’s rise as a technology region to provide thought-leadership and development contributor to addressing cyber risk. He’s actively looking for others similarly interested.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Business & Risk Management, Craig is happily married with two sons, he finds time to be a Director on the board of the Loudoun Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). With the FCA, he is able to share an incredible resource to athletes, parents and coaches in promoting faith, fellowship, and good character-building in student-athletes.