Gene Anderson

Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus and the University of California San Diego

Gene Anderson is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus and the University of California San Diego, teaching linux, networking, cloud technology, crypto and cyber security. He holds two US Patents related to counterespionage and is a co-inventor on a third patent in cyber cloaking tactics familiar to DoD and intel (the good guys). He’s a USAF veteran having made Series 200 Air Target Charts during Vietnam, holding higher clearances starting at the age of 18. Though retired from the day-job and freeway commutes, he provided classified threat briefings to the Admirals at SPAWAR (now NAVWAR), supported the design and administration of shipboard computer systems, supported deep packet inspection designs with 15th Air Force and US intel agencies, administrated databases and operating systems and even pulled wires under those raised floors. He’s no stranger to those all-nighter fire drills.

Before companies started migrating to the cloud he was an IT Manager and Director of center operations, supervising administrators and coders. He has installed computer systems in the UK, Augsburg, Paris, Bratislava, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Melbourne. It was a fun experience, but he’d have to say the creepiest thing he ever did was visit the Paris Catacombs.

Gene has been a pilot since 1985, having earned his multi-engine and instrument tickets. He now flies the B737 in a simulator and hangs out with other pilots in a group called the Old Bold Pilots that was a feature segment on Fox News in 2015. He’s big into WWII history, where his high school sweetheart wife of fifty years says “ugh, he was born 30 years too late”. He got to hang out with the Hollywood actor and pilot Cliff Robertson in the Hamptons and in San Diego. He started a book project with Fox Studios to cover in depth the making of the 1949 movie Twelve O’Clock High starring Gregory Peck, where he traveled to England, interviewed actors, interviewed 8th AF veterans, including Paul Tibbetts(!), visited the 8th AF headquarters at High Wycombe, visited the sound stages, film libraries at Fox and UCLA. Everything was going great until the Fox lawyers clamped down on the list of photography planned for the book. Gene’s other toys include motorcycles, scuba bubbles, parachutes and PC gaming (just not very well).

Gene and his wife live in San Diego County.