Kevin E. Greene

Director of Security Solutions

Kevin E. Greene is the Director of Security Solutions at Parasoft where he is leading product vision and developing application security solutions and capabilities. He is known as an industry thought leader in software security. Prior to Parasoft, Kevin worked at the MITRE Corporation leading sponsor engagements in formalizing DevSecOps transformation strategies, participating in DevSecOps tiger teams, leading the ATT&CK control mapping research project under the Center for Threat Inform Defense (CTID) for Engenuity, and providing support for the Common Weakness and Enumeration (CWE) program.

Before coming to MITRE Kevin led software security research and development (R&D) in the federal government, partnering with key stakeholders, academia and industry to advance the state of art and practice around software security. Kevin has a proven track record in commercializing and transitioning federally funded research to address key challenges in software security.

His research in hybrid analysis mapping (HAM) helped influence the creation of Gartner’s Application Vulnerability Correlation (AVC) Hype Cycle. The HAM research was commercialized in technologies used by Synopsys through their CodeDx acquisition, and Coalfire through their Denim Group acquisition, who both developed the HAM research under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant.

Other key research project led by Kevin include the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP), Common Architectural Weakness Enumeration (CAWE), Reveal Droid, and Code Hawk Binary analysis.