LT Kenneth Miltenberger

U.S. Coast Guard

Lieutenant Miltenberger currently serves as the co-Chair of the Coast Guard’s Mobility Council and Sponsor’s Representative for Surveillance Systems.  He is responsible for the Coast Guard’s Enterprise Mobility Roadmap and implementation plan, requirements management and resourcing, development of mobile processes and policy, and lifecycle oversight for mobile devices, applications, and infrastructure. As Surveillance Systems Sponsor’s Rep, he is responsible for lifecycle oversight and resource prioritization for radars, camera systems, electro-optical / infrared systems, and night vision systems.  LT Miltenberger has also served as the Coast Guard’s Sponsor’s Representative for Short Range Communications, Cutter Connectivity, and Biometrics At Sea.

Prior to his current assignment, LT Miltenberger studied at University of Maryland College Park, where he earned a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Control Theory.  LT Miltenberger’s first tour was aboard CGC KUKUI as a deck watch officer, where he served as Food Services Division Officer, Training Officer, Communications Officer, and Law Enforcement Officer.  

LT Miltenberger is now a part time PHD candidate at the University of Maryland.  His research interests include non-linear control, control of collectives, machine learning, information theory, evolutionary game theory, and cyber security.  Individual military awards include the Coast Guard Achievement Medal.