Theresa Kinney

Deputy Program Manager/Director for Operations and Communications, NASA SEWP

Theresa Kinney is the Deputy Program Manager/Director for Operations and Communications of the NASA SEWP Program Office. In this capacity, she oversees the SEWP Program’s daily operations, works NASA Headquarters on Policies and SEWP Trainings, and assists with SEWP’s outreach efforts. Ms. Kinney joined SEWP in October 2001 and was the lead for implementation of a full-cost accounting and the establishment of the SEWP Program as NASA’s first Working Capital Fund. She took on the role of Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for half of the SEWP Contracts in September 2012. In January 2016, Ms. Kinney took on additional COR responsibilities overseeing one of Goddard Space Flight Center’s large Administration contracts (GITISS). A native of Montana, Ms. Kinney graduated with honors from Strayer University in Maryland. Following graduation, she continued her education at George Washington University and receive her Master’s Certificate in Federal Contracts.


  • SEWP
  • GWACs
  • Becoming a Customer Focused Organization
  • Contract Management Efficiency
  • Contract Management as a Business Function
  • Contract Performance and Administration
  • Agile Acquisition
  • Government-wide Strategic Sourcing (GSS)
  • Strategic Acquisition Planning
  • Acquisition Process Improvement
  • Government and Industry Collaboration and Teamwork
  • How Small Business can work with GWACs
  • Contract Performance and Administration
  • Contract Ethic