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Codeless: More for the Mission – In a world where data is everything, imagine all of technology is created and managed as data, not as a cryptic language – that’s the essence of Unqork. Unqork abstracts 100% of code enabling you to shed the weight of code and liberate your creativity. At Unqork, we believe in fueling the potential of cross-functional government teams to achieve extraordinary mission outcomes. Unqork offers the flexibility of custom code and full-stack development but in a seamlessly visual experience. Realize value, reduce risk, cut costs, and eliminate technical debt. Embark on a journey to empower the mission edge while upholding steadfast governance and security standards. Take charge of your data and intellectual property. Benefit from enterprise-grade security, reliability, and availability, managing applications effortlessly across the entire SDLC. Join the codeless revolution as we redefine the future of innovation in application development.