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Quantum Speaker Series Presents: Optimization Landscape Using Quantum Computers

September 26th, 2023    |    1:30 – 2:00 PM ET

September 26

Alex Khan

Alex Khan

Principal Consultant Quantum Computing, Aligned It, LLC

Alex Khan is an advisor, entrepreneur, author and educator in quantum computing. He is CEO of ZebraKet, a Canadian startup in leak detection and sensor optimization using quantum methods and AI. He is the author of “Quantum Computing Experimentation with Amazon Braket”. He is currently a mentor at QuForce.org. He had roles at Chicago Quantum, where he co-authored papers on portfolio optimization using D-Wave, Harrisburg University where he taught quantum computing, and was an advisor at QuSecure. Alex is an experienced Health IT executive. He is an engineering/physics dual major and received his BSME from Purdue, MSME from KSU, MBA with from Duke, and certificate in quantum computing from MITxPro. He has been recognized by The Quantum Daily as one of the 126 advisors shaping the Quantum Computing Industry.

Alex Khan will present a brief tour of various real-world optimization use cases and realities of solving them on current quantum devices and other quantum inspired solvers. 

Open Q&A discussion.

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