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The 1st NIST PQC Standards

May 7, 2024    |    1:30 – 2:00 PM ET


May 7

Dustin Moody

Dustin Moody

Supervisory Mathematician, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Eight years ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated a public process to select quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms for standardization. NIST issued the public call for submissions to the PQC Standardization Process in December 2016 and, after three rounds of evaluation and analysis, selected four algorithms for standardization: CRYSTALS-KYBER, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, FALCON, and SPHINCS+. In this talk we will discuss the three current NIST PQC endeavors: drafting standards for the selected algorithms, the remaining algorithms under consideration in the 4th round of evaluation, and the call for additional digital signatures to be considered for future standardization.

Open Q&A discussion.

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