IRS Container Inter-Agency Forum

Potential Presentation Discussion Topics

Where are You on Your Journey?

  • CICD
    • Tools that offered significant value?
  • Cloud
    • Vendors

Total Apps in Development and Production

  • Whether there was any lift/shift
  • Movement towards micro-services
  • New development vs legacy
  • How long it took to get traction

Lessons Learned that have resulted in significant time lost/gained

  • Internal challenges
  • Funding/external

FISMA/Cyber Challenges

  • New technology insertion
  • Alignment with DISA, etc.

Utilizing Partners to Lead Openshift Adoption

  • Implementation
  • What current teams look like

Executive Involvement

  • Garnering support, keeping funding a priority, and escalating internal fear/sluggishness

Containerizing Just Home-grown Applications

  • Whether COTS products with containerized versions are also available

Process for Securing Base Images for Customer Use

  • Security Hardening Criteria/Process; Enforcement/Validation

Securing Images Supplied by Vendors