ATARC DevOps Working Group Aims to Build Code Repository

Washington D.C.,- The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) and GitLab have teamed up to provide the ATARC DevOps Working Group a code repository which will help team members to share, collaborate, and maximize their productivity with world-class source code management (SCM). 

“The end-state of this code repository will hold one to or more working code snippets for each CI/CD DevOps pattern.” stated William Schwartz, ECM Senior DevOps Engineer, Internal Revenue Service. “These code examples will enable consumers to implement their own instance of the standard CI/CD pipeline template.” 

The main objective of ATARC Working Groups is to provide continuous collaboration between government, industry, and academia to research and share knowledge and experiences in their field of expertise and explore and advance emerging technology solutions. Teams within the DevOps Working Group, including the DevSecOps Project Team, are working together to create a CI/CD pattern within the GitLab code repository platform. The initial mission and purpose for the group is to create a CI/CD software pattern to assist government organizations getting started with DevSecOps practices. 

GitLab will provide the ATARC community and DevOps working groups access to the GitLab platform for a source code repository. Source code management is where development team sharing and collaboration begins. Leveraging the industry-leading, open source, distributed version control system Git, GitLab allows the team’s developers to be more efficient, effective, and responsive. Source code management is a critical part of the DevOps lifecycle, allowing teams to manage their work with a single source of truth. 

“In conjunction with using GitLab, the DevOps Working Group implements an industry-standard branching strategy called, “GitFlow” that enables the team to maintain a “production-worthy” codebase while at the same time providing areas (a.k.a. branches) for collaborative development, test, and bug-fix efforts,” Schwartz, added. 

The key areas within this repository consist of: (1) Stages of  CI/CD pipeline development, based on preliminary work done in the ATARC Software Factories initiative in April 2019, (2) Managerial processes and theories, and (3) Technical tools and applications such as software development and delivery being utilized at a government agency, private organization, or in industry. To learn more about the repository or ATARC’s Working Group opportunities, please contact ATARC’s Working Group Manager, Kiersten Patton at

About ATARC: 

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