MITRE/ATARC Big Data White Paper

Big Data Collaboration Symposium, December 5, 2017

Big Data Challenge Areas

  • Emerging Technologies in Big Data & Analytics
  • Big Data & Security Technologies
  • Big Data Landscape
  • Leveraging Big Data for Mission Success
  • Big Data and Health Care

Key Recommendations to Government

  • Agencies need to avoid developing biased analytics and models by proper sampling of the data.
  • Senior executives need to understand the balance between the requirements and the value in data sharing versus the risk associated with exposing sensitive information.
  • The availability of data is no longer the sole issue in Big Data. The current and future challenges lie in establishing a strategic approach, implementing the right infrastructure and tools for the mission, and demonstrating success in solving real-world mission problems.
  • Leadership is key. Organizations need to identify a champion who is knowledgeable of the organization and the mission, has a vision for how the analysis results will benefit the organization, is highly motivated, and is able to provide the resources needed to implement and perform the analysis.
  • Organizations need to take concrete steps to realize the benefits of shared data and analytics by taking the long-term view of solutions (125+ years), implementing Chief “X” Officer roles, taking a holistic and application-agnostic approach to data, and by adopting and using new emerging technologies.