MITRE/ATARC Big Data White Paper

MITRE-ATARC Big Data Collaboration Symposium, June 19, 2014


Each MITRE-ATARC Big Data Collaboration Session was a focused and moderated discussion between government and industry representatives on a Big Data challenge area.

The challenge areas for each session were as follows:

  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Big Data Applications and Analytics
  • Big Data Solutions for Privacy Protection

Across the collaboration sessions there were commonalities that resonated. First was the lack of an accepted standard definition of Big Data. During each session there was at least one conversation that defined a version of Big Data. Second is the additional complexity associated with aggregating data from multiple data providers. Third is the need to understand the many technologies in the big data space and how they compare to each other. Fourth and finally, there is a need in Government for internal expertise on big data technologies and best practices.