MITRE-ATARC Cloud & Data Center White Paper

June 13, 2018

The MITRE-ATARC Cloud Collaboration Symposium was held in conjunction with the ATARC Federal Cloud & Data Center Summit on April 17, 2018 in Washington, D.C. and a White Paper was published summarizing the outcomes of the collaboration sessions with recommendations to government. Bill Hunt (left) of OMB and Captain Craig Hodge of DHS ICE sat on a Visionary Panel and Hunt also led a MITRE-ATARC Cloud Collaboration Symposium session on Data Center Migration and Consolidation.

Cloud & Data Center topic areas:

  • The Next-Gen Cloud: What should we do to prepare?
  • DevSecOps: How can it help handle arising cloud security challenges?
  • Data Center Migration and Consolidation: What Questions Should You Ask?
  • From Cloud to Edge: Handling IoT in the Cloud
  • Cloud Migration Aids: Gaps and Successes

Key recommendations to Government:

  • Organizations should develop a sustainable business model for next-generation cloud adoption and develop methods to provide measures (effectiveness and performance) for that business model;
  • Adopt appropriate culture change and form an integrated team to include developers, security personnel, operation, and testing members into one team;
  • Optimization requires application rationalization not just relocating applications to a different set of racks;
  • Various open source and commercial projects exist for provisioning and managing IoT edge and constrained devices which provide a mechanism for addressing provisioning and management; and
  • Federal agencies need to conduct market research on tools available in the marketplace that can expedite cloud migration activities or support cloud operations.