MITRE-ATARC Cloud & Infrastructure White Paper

The most recent installment of the Federal Cloud & Infrastructure Summit, held on June 25, 2019, included five MITRE-ATARC (Advanced Technology Academic Research Center) Collaboration Sessions. These collaboration sessions allowed industry, academic, government, and MITRE representatives the opportunity to collaborate and discuss challenges the government faces in cloud computing and data center modernization. The goal of these sessions is to create a forum to exchange ideas and develop recommendations to further the adoption and advancement of cloud computing and data center management techniques and best practices within the government.

Participants representing government, industry, and academia addressed five challenge areas in the federal cloud and infrastructure domains.
• Cloud Smart & Emerging Policies – Impact on Government Cloud Adoption
• Challenges to Cloud Enabling Security
• Cloud-enabled Rapid Development and DevSecOps
• Serverless Computing and the Impact on Cloud
• Zero Trust and The Cloud