MITRE/ATARC Cloud White Paper

MITRE/ATARC Cloud Collaboration Symposium, August 3, 2017


Cloud Challenge Areas

  • Innovation Challenges in the Cloud & Data Center Environment
  • After the Migration: Pairing DevOps with Cloud Services
  • The Impact of Standards on Government Cloud Usage
  • Measuring the True Cost of Cloud
  • Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Among the Recommendations to Government

  • Educate leadership and stakeholders on the risks and benefits of using the cloud
  • Have conversations with leadership to talk about business value of changes
  • Identify agency data sensitivities and define associated handling requirements
  • Compute costs may be optimized over time per unit, but demand increases may offset optimization savings
  • The government needs to consider strategic approaches and innovations to help solve problems and “leapfrog over the current technology” to create new capabilities