MITRE/ATARC DevOps White Paper

MITRE-ATARC DevOps Collaboration Symposium, June 28, 2017


DevOps topic areas:

  • Scaling Agile
  • Rugged/Secure DevOps
  • Assessing DevOps
  • Right Sizing Documentation for Developers and Decision Makers
  • Acquisition Model for Agile

Key recommendations to Government:

  • Agile organizations have a shared vision and definition of success that should be understood and agreed upon by all teams
  • Test your application in simulated, but real-world environments such as cyber test ranges
  • Conduct assessments both before you start a DevOps initiative and periodically afterwards
  • Educate all stakeholders so that they understand that fundamental to Agile and DevOps is more rapid system change, complete stakeholder involvement, and high process and system state transparency which – if adhered to – can mean that teams operate with less documentation
  • Develop a template for IT Acquisition professionals that includes a common language for Agile, defines roles and responsibilities, identifies key personnel, outlines an appropriate reporting structure for Agile, and provides sample contract language for Agile acquisition