The Collaboration Sessions covered four key mobility topics:

  • Mobile App Legal & Acquisition Best Practices
  • Impacts of the Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) on the Enterprise
  • How to Embrace Contextually Aware & Wearable Computing
  • Integrating Mobility Into the Enterprise – Moving Beyond Mobile Application Development (MAD)/Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Several key themes emerged as a result of the four Collaboration Sessions:

  • A Federal-wide lessons learned and collaboration portal should be developed to share best practices in mobile acquisition
  • The concept of mobility is evolving as wearable computing and IoT becomes more mainstream
  • Reviewing policies and governance at the Federal level and identifying improvements in the policy creation and modification process for key areas like security and acquisition is crucial to the successful implementation and operation of mobility
  • The academic community is a ripe, largely untapped resource to use to help devote research to lower adoption risk by increasing the security and privacy of IoT and wearable computing

This white paper summarizes the results of the Collaboration Sessions and provides detailed actionable recommendations for Government and academia.