Key mobile topic areas:

  • Mobile Security
  • Network of Things/Internet of Things
  • Next Generation Mobile Solutions
  • Tactical and Field Deployments
  • Mobile Health

Key recommendations to Government:

  • Agencies need to craft policy for two-year adoption of most mobile devices. Do not rely on validation programs that have longer timescales that might inhibit the adoption of new technologies. Agencies should also adopt a separate “mobile security strategy”.
  • Device vendors should clearly communicate the capabilities of IoT components. End users, particularly in the consumer space, need the tools and information about device security to make informed decisions. At the same time, end users must do more to specify their requirements and demand more secure devices.
  • Federal policies should be evaluated to determine where changes could be made that would allow for the easier adoption of new technologies that currently existing the marketplace.
  • Maintaining good connectivity starts at the requirements level-critical capabilities and their communication resources must be defined to ensure that the mobile capability maintains usefulness in both ideal and degraded environments.
  • Privacy and Security policies for healthcare organizations must describe the conditions and acceptable uses of mobile devices that capture and store clinical information. Policies must also define the scope and applicability for sharing the information that is collected.