Transforming Government Experiences with Modern Identity

Highlights from a Government Roundtable, hosted by ATARC, in partnership with Okta, August 2023

People interact with government in myriad ways, from standing in line at the DMV to applying for permits online. Unfortunately, each interaction typically requires a different credential, which forces users to create and manage accounts with multiple agencies. Moreover, the technology used to authenticate and verify identities is typically inefficient, insecure, and unable to scale alongside the rapid digitalization of services.

The public now expects seamless and secure digital experiences wherever they interact online. To meet these expectations and promote trust in government, modern identity solutions should be a part of every agency’s modernization strategy. At a recent roundtable discussion hosted by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) in partnership with Okta, federal experts discussed the strategies, opportunities, and challenges of creating a seamless identity experience in government.