White Paper: Data From Wearables – Emerging Technology and Emerging Challenges


ATARC Data Interoperability Working Group   |    March 2023

This white paper builds on prior research, industry perspective, as well as governmental stakeholders critical, with the intent to initiate real, informed discussion of the integration of wearables technology from a dual use commercialization and larger organizational integration perspective from small to large enterprise solutions.

The paper’s primary focus on the use of personal wearables to support military readiness is a result of industry engagement, programmatic and commercial research, as well as stakeholder and end user engagement, with the intent to expand upon the following topics as we engage more stakeholders across the wearables technologies communities of practice. We will discuss some of the highlights and explore several of the legal/ethical, technical, cultural, and training challenges that organizations are facing.

This paper will cover topic elements like data pipeline, data gathering, military health use cases and special considerations.