MITRE/ATARC Cloud White Paper

MITRE-ATARC Cloud Collaboration Symposium, January 13, 2016


Cloud Challenge Areas

  • Planning for Cloud Migration: Fail Early and Often
  • Cloud O&M: Challenges and Solutions
  • Architecting Future Clouds
  • Adapting Cloud to Technology
  • Standards and Best Practices for Security and Privacy Management in the Cloud

Among the Recommendations to Government

  • Implementing “quick wins” may require the government to change funding and acquisition policies and approaches to buying IT capabilities via a utility model.
  • Significant cultural barriers exist to cloud adoption that should be addressed through a combination of legislation, OMB directives, education, and training.
  • Migration towards the public cloud should be the primary goal of government agencies except for portions of the Department of Defense and Intel Community (which will stay on the community cloud due to inclusion of sensitive data).
  • Consumer-based technologies are evolving too fast for current set of government policies, processes.
  • Mobile, specialized devices, and IoT will be key to accessing the cloud going forward; therefore, reliable security and privacy mechanisms for those devices and access paths must be devised up front.