2023 GITEC Nominations

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Quantum Speaker Series Presents: Export Control Landscape for Quantum Technology

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Kaniah Konkoly-Thege and Ryan McKenney from Quantinuum will present on the export control landscape for quantum technologies. In October 2022, the Biden administration introduced semiconductor, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing-related export controls on China and has since made numerous public statements that similar restrictions on quantum technologies may follow. Existing U.S. quantum technology controls target specific end users, rather than general technology categories, though it has been reported that the White House and Commerce Department are currently exploring a more unified and comprehensive round of controls intended specifically to blunt China’s access to U.S. quantum computing equipment. This presentation will detail the current landscape of export controls vis-à-vis quantum technology, present findings from a recent report on the subject by the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), and discuss best practices for companies in this space to ensure compliance with any future controls while also working closely with the U.S. government to promote innovation and a strong quantum industry.

Strategic Resilience: Advancing Security in the DoD

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Amazon Web Services, 510 14th ST S, Arlington, VA, 22202Registration   |    Breakfast Introductory BriefingUnleashing Tactical Edge Potential: Transforming Data into Decisions Modern military missions increasingly rely on the processing […]