Strangeworks: Accelerating Innovation through Quantum Computing & AI


This talk will focus on the powerful intersection of quantum computing, AI, and scientific exploration. We’ll begin with an overview of Strangeworks, an advanced compute software company removing the barriers to utilize quantum, quantum-inspired, and classical technologies. We’ll then discuss our recent work on quantum for solving optimization problems, and showcase our upcoming AI developments designed to make the capabilities of advanced compute more accessible.

Climbing the Mountain: A New Era for Government Cybersecurity


In evolving Zero Trust strategies, government agencies often face unique challenges such as managing legacy systems that are not designed for such rigorous security protocol or adhering to regulatory and compliance standards. Despite these challenges, the benefits of moving towards a Zero Trust architecture are substantial. Tune into this webinar to hear topic experts discuss innovative solutions and strategic approaches to overcoming these obstacles. valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity, specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of government agencies.

ATARC Federal Zero Trust Summit 2024

Marriott Marquis 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, United States

By establishing a holistic understanding of network dynamics and user interactions, agencies can make informed decisions, assess risks, and optimize cybersecurity measures. In a landscape characterized by evolving threats and complex attack vectors, leveraging advanced analytics to support zero trust principles equips federal government entities with a robust defense mechanism that safeguards national security and preserves public trust in the digital realm.

Unlocking Cyber Readiness with SBOMs


The cybersecurity landscape has undergone significant transformations resulting in compliance regulations mandating the adoption of the NIST Secure Software Development Framework framework, with a special emphasis on implementing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). In this discussion, we will explore the importance of perceiving cybersecurity as a mission-centric challenge that extends beyond mere compliance checklists.

Join us as we discuss key topics such as zero-day vulnerability management policies and continuous monitoring for all deployed software.

Intelligent Data: The Key to Cyber Resilience


Tune into this webinar to hear Federal IT experts explore strategies to leverage intelligent data to fortify your defenses, manage risks, control costs, and ensure readiness aligned with your mission. In the dynamic digital landscape, adaptability and flexibility are paramount in effectively addressing evolving cyber threats.

Cloud Safe Task Force: Measurement, Metrics and MonitoringCloud Safe Task Force: Measurement, Metrics and Monitoring

To Be Announced

Event Overview Join the Cloud Safe Task Force (CSTF) to develop Whole-of-Government approaches to improve US cloud security. At its April 8, 2024 meeting, the Task Force will take up Cloud Safe initiatives in measures, metrics, and monitoring for cloud security. The Task Force is looking for demonstrations and innovations in cloud security focused metrics […]

GITEC Conference 2024

Kimpton The Forum Hotel 540 Massie Rd, Charlottesville, United States

About GITEC and ATARCAbout GITEC and ATARCThe Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) Conference is an entity focused on fostering professional development and collaborative platforms for the Federal government, academia, and industry to address and overcome emerging technology challenges. GITEC was established in response to a June 28th, 1966, White House memorandum to provide a forum through […]

Securing Success: RMF and Zero Trust Unleashed


  Presents Securing Success: RMF and Zero Trust Unleashed In partnership with April 25, 2024 1:30-2:30 PM ET  1 CPE Credit Available for this Event***  Our digital world is more expansive than ever before, giving access to unprecedented capabilities for our business, government, and personal use. As digital transformation accelerates, the risks associated with cyberattacks grow […]

The 1st NIST PQC Standards


Eight years ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated a public process to select quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms for standardization. NIST issued the public call for submissions to the PQC Standardization Process in December 2016 and, after three rounds of evaluation and analysis, selected four algorithms for standardization: CRYSTALS-KYBER, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, FALCON, and SPHINCS+. In this talk we will discuss the three current NIST PQC endeavors: drafting standards for the selected algorithms, the remaining algorithms under consideration in the 4th round of evaluation, and the call for additional digital signatures to be considered for future standardization.