Cloud & Data Center Event Publications

Zero Trust: A New Frontier in Federal Cyber Resilience

Decoding Zero Trust: Unveiling Its Role in Modern Cybersecurity

Innovating on the Frontlines of Cybersecurity & AI

Beyond the Firewall: AI’s Evolution in Cyber Defense

How to Enable the Workforce of the Future through Mobile Signature Management White Paper Annex 4

Harnessing Next-Generation AI Solutions for Enhanced Federal Security Operations

How to Enable Secure Mobility for Fixed Location Workplaces White Paper Annex 3

Federal IT Leaders and Their Strategies

Automation and AI in the Public Sector: Revolution or Train Wreck

Navigating Cyber Challenges: Federal Agencies in the Digital Age

State of Threat Intelligence

The Future of Secure Work: How to Enable the Secure Workforce of the Future Through Secure Mobility White Paper

Demystifying the Capabilities of Quantum Technologies Available Today and in the Future White Paper

Federal Perspectives on the Future of Cloud

Enhancing Government Acquisition with AI: Balancing Innovation and Security

Generative AI and Government Data:Balancing Innovation, Security, and Privacy

Threat Intelligence Evolution: Strategies for Safeguarding Government and Critical Infrastructure

Defending Federal Interests: Open Source Security

Overcoming Internal Roadblocks to Infrastructure Modernization

Unpacking OSTP’s Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights White Paper

Shaping Federal Governance The Evolution of Generative AI Integration

Transforming Government Data Management with Cloud Technology: A Path to 2030

Tackling A Foundational Challenge: Generative AI in Federal Spaces

Uncrewed Aerial Systems “UAS” using Beyond Visual Line of Sight “BVLOS” Operations: Research to Improve Government and Industry Collaboration and Consensus

Washington D.C. Cyber Threat Landscape

The Evolution of Enterprise Automation

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence – Transforming the U.S. Government

Transformational Solutions to Solve IT Workforce Resources, Talent Shortage, and Empowerment White Paper

Developing Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Initiatives in the Federal Government

Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty in Cloud Computing

Considerations for Secure and Resilient Private 5G

Reducing Cyber Attack Risks Within Software Development Lifecycle Management

Transforming Government Experiences with Modern Identity

AI & The Modern SOC: Winning Tomorrow’s Cyber Mission Through Advanced Capabilities

Government’s Evolving Role in Digital Transformation 

Limiting Attacks with Cloud Visibility and Security

Enhancing Cyber Event Recovery: From Chaos to Control

The Growing Risks of Spyware and Unvetted Applications

Adapting to Change: Evolving Government in the Digital Age

Intermediate Cybersecurity Best Practices: Advancing Cybersecurity Posture Through Zero Trust Architecture

App Modernization at Scale

Using AI to Write Contract Requirements

The Future of Work

The Future of the Workforce

Baseline Cybersecurity Best Practices: An Overview for Success in Applying for the State and Local Cybersecurity Program

Accelerating the Authority to Operate Process with DevOps

White Paper: Build Greater Capacity with an Enterprise 5G Network

White Paper: Data From Wearables – Emerging Technology and Emerging Challenges

White Paper: The Ghost in the Machine – Exploring AI Personhood and Policy

White Paper: SBOM Challenges and Opportunities

White Paper: Cloud Native vs. Cloud Smart: Cloud Success Reimagined

White Paper: Secure 5G – Transforming the Data Sharing Landscape

Addressing Command & Control (C2) Complexity of Multicloud Infrastructure

Successfully Adopting a Multicloud Operating Model in Public Sector

White Paper: The Intersection Between CXOs and Technology

White Paper: Cybersecurity and Talent Retention

White Paper: The Constant Shifts in Attack Surface and the Impact on Cybersecurity

White Paper: Reducing Insider Risk Through Continuous Vetting

White Paper: Cybersecurity Audit Automation

White Paper: Multi-Cloud and Its Increasing Importance

White Paper: Developing an Effective Data Management Strategy

White Paper: Cloud Modernization

White Paper: Multi-Cloud and Its Increasing Importance

White Paper: Innovation and Digital Transformation

White Paper: Strengthening Cybersecurity in State and Local Agencies Using Zero Trust

White Paper: The Next Cybersecurity Pandemic: Are We Prepared?

White Paper: National EV Infrastructure Program

White Paper: Improved Citizen Services through DevSecOps Maturation

White Paper: Drones Within the Federal Government

White Paper: Federal Workforce Development to Ensure Digital Transformation

White Paper: Building for Secure MultiCloud Environments within State and Local Agencies

White Paper: Adopting a Whole of State Zero Trust Approach

White Paper: Accelerate your Mission with Data in Motion

White Paper: Lessons Learned from Maturing Zero Trust

Request for Demonstration: Issuance and Lifecycle Management of a Derived FIDO2 Credential (DFC)

White Paper: Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Adoption in Government

White Paper: Overcoming Identity Challenges to Meet the Federal Government’s Zero Trust Memo

Mission Brief: Securing Your Environment with Automation

White Paper: Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on the Workforce

White Paper: Mobile Security Best Practices for Federal Agencies in the Post-COVID World

White Paper: Modern Application Security in a Zero Trust Approach

White Paper: The Impact of Emerging Technology on AI Within the Federal Government

White Paper: Analysis of Small Business Utilization within the Information Technology Category

White Paper: Realizing the HSPD-12 Interoperability Vision

DevOps Metrics-Performance Playbook

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) Guidebook

White Paper: Warfighter Health

White Paper: How AI is Transforming eDiscovery

White Paper: How Cloud Computing is Enabling Artificial Intelligence

The Orion JK21 Collaboration for Agile ATO: OSCAL, SDP, TIC 3.0, SAF

The Case for a Data Stewardship-First Approach to Zero Trust

White Paper: Federal Cybersecurity Funding to State and Local Governments

ATARC DevOps Working Group Code Repository

White Paper: Increasing Security and Reducing Compliance Risk

White Paper: Operating at Scale in a New Hybrid Workplace

From Ethics to Operations: Current Federal AI Policy

White Paper: Tackling Federal IT Infrastructure Demands

SAFe for Government – Lean-Agile and DevOps Approach

White Paper: Reducing the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint for the Federal Government

White Paper: Work From Anywhere | WFX